Among the Wolves is a Pop-Punk band that writes high energy music about overcoming the challenges of life. With Dawson on lead vocals, Chandler on guitar, Charlie on the bass and currently between drummers the Band is currently based in Buffalo, NY. The band has performed at Southern Wesleyan University and Indiana Wesleyan University's "Crema". Influences for Among the Wolves include Blink 182 who showed how important it is to make music fun and carefree, Relient K whose lyricism inspired Dawson as a songwriter along with a strong musical influence from Green Day.


Among the Wolves aims to inspire people and bring hope to people who are suffering. They are strong believers in the healing power of music. They have a heart for mental health issues and aspire to be advocates for those affected by mental illness in hopes of combating the stigma associated with such health problems. They are a passionate group of musicians with a love for their craft and a love for their fans.

The tracks on Among the Wolves EP Love Letter to the Broken include, “Runaway”, “Oh Well”, and “Tonight”. The opening track on the EP (“Runaway”) focuses on the pain that we often encounter throughout life and the fact that we will always have one another to lean on through those difficult times. “Oh Well” is about getting older and letting go of relationships that hold you back. The chorus of “Oh Well” is a reminder that life is too short to cling to toxic people, and that it’s the people who are always there for us that we should cherish. “Tonight” is the final rallying cry of the EP. It’s meant as an anthem for those who feel beaten down by life, those who are told their dreams aren’t realistic and those who just don’t quite fit in. The song echoes “tonight’s the night we show the world” to remind us that you should always stand up for who you are and never be ashamed of that.


The band completed their first tour in May 2017 playing shows in Vermont, New York, Ohio Michigan, and Indiana. During the tour the band had the opportunity to play at the historic Blind Pig bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In August 2017 the band released their debut album Between Home And Lost. The album explores the feelings of being lost and trying to find your place in the world,while sharing a message of hope that no matter what drama or tragedy comes your way there is always the future to look forward to. The song features 8 new songs as well as re-recordings of he 3 tracks from their EP Love Letter To The Broken. 

Among the Wolves came to Southern Wesleyan University and put on one of the best concerts we have ever had on our campus. The performance was easily worth twice what we paid to book this group! We will definitely be inviting them back!
— Justin Carter, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement, Southern Wesleyan University


Haley Sousa

Email: atwolvesband@gmail.com